Florida Gastroenterological Society

Distinguished Service Award

The Florida Gastroenterologic Society's Distinguished Service Award honors a Florida Gastroenterologist whose accomplishments (clinical, academic, educational, socioeconomic and humanitarian) made a significant contribution to Gastroenterology within the state. The first award was presented during the 1990 Annual Meeting.

If you know a gastroenterologist who exemplifies one or more of the characteristics and would like to nominate this individual please contact the FGS office at info@flgastro.org. Below is a list of Distinguished Service Award recipients since the inception of the award.

Previous Recipients:

2017: Sheldon Taub, M.D.

2015: Herbert Wolfsen, M.D.

2013: Special Service Award presented to Bill Bouck

2012: Eugene R. Schiff, M.D.

2011: Patrick G. Brady, M.D.

2010: Robert Goldberg, M.D.

2009: Chris E. Forsmark, M.D.

2008: James H. Johnson, M.D.

2007:  Sami R. Achem, M.D.

2003: James H. DeGerome, M.D.

2002: Jeffrey A. Diamond, M.D.

2001: Jamie Barkin, M.D.

2001: James E. McGuigan, M.D.

2001:  H. Juergen Nord, M.D.

2001: Jeffrey B. Raskin, M.D.

2001: Phillip P. Toskes, M.D.

2000:  James J. Cerda, M.D.

2000: Marcia Lynne Sills, M.D.

2000:  Eric D. Weston, M.D.

1997: Joel E. Fyvolent, M.D.

1996: Phillip P. Toskes, M.D.

1995: Peter M. Pardoll, M.D.

1993: Pedro J. Greer, Jr., M.D.

1990: Arvey I. Rogers, M.D.
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